Monday, September 05, 2011

Through distance.

The mood to write suddenly came like a wind, rendering me to make a new post in this blog after three weeks. I never talk much about myself in here before, but now I feel like it. Amidst these hectic days with bunch of assignments, finally a week of holiday happened to come. At first I had no plans except studying and finishing such assignments, but it changed dramatically to a fun little trip by sleepovering at my best friend's house and driving through the road, playing UNO at McDonalds until late night etc. I had a blast although my tasks were postponed at that time, and I feel glad having some fun before lectures start again.

 tshirt - comme ca ism ; unbranded skinny jeans ; denim shirt - Honeys ; wedges - Charles&Keith ; glasses and earrings - Lattice ; bracelet - bamboo blonde; necklace - Colorbox

My love life has been good, despite the long distance relationship we've been through. Well, we're not the type of person who always want to contact each other. In fact, he's the type of man who focuses on his studies and I do too - it makes us concentrate on what we should achieve than thinking about both of us. Oh, don't misunderstand, we have trust between us and perhaps that's what makes the love alive. In my case, too much communication can sometimes kill. He doesn't use a blackberry so we don't chat often, it's our style. We talk on Skype at midnight when everything is settled and still awake. I do miss him often enough but I can still feel joy without him. Ah, the moment I miss a lot is when at high school, there's sth I don't understand in courses, all I gotta do is turn my head to him - since he sits beside me, and he'll teach me. Sadly, he no longer sits by my side, he's so far away that every time I have a problem in studies, I have to ask him through Skype. Overall, I think I'm so blessed because I have him. Three and a half years of love makes us understand and trust each other even we're far away. Sometimes ldr sucks, but I think I enjoy it this way too.

Have a nice week ahead everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

maxi dress.

Being so busy currently, I have left the blogsphere for about three weeks. The university life has driven me mad, it's not about the assignments they give but more about how I prepare myself for the lecture. Civil engineering means studying fundamental mathematics, physics, and chemistry plus some technical drawing classes and statics. They have been my favorite subject since high school, but still, reviewing and practising and reading their thick heavy books is a must. IELTS preparation has given a new sort of life of me of course, my schedule is full since I still want to have some fun hanging out with friends.
But then, finally I managed myself for a little time going on with this blog before continuing my studies. So here it is, a quick outfit post!
 cropped tee from Japan // unbranded maxi dress // Charles and Keith wedges

Have a nice week everyone! :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stripes and knits

Finally I can make a new post again since I had a week of orientation days at the university. Yes, soon I'm a civil engineering student and ain't a high school girl anymore. Being mature and sweet is my target while studying hard for the NTU/NUS UEE. I came back to Makassar a week ago and having fun here before the course will begin. Oh, and I'm such a big spender these days. God, there are so many things I want to buy, and I can't assist myself to shop. Gotta end this shopping euphoria soon, otherwise - yeah, you know. lol.

This is just a simple outfit for a simple date. Btw, my mom dyed my hair to dark brown. What do you think? :)
knitted top - Cecil McBee, cardigan - Zara Japan, unbranded shorts, tote bag - Mango, shoes - TLTSN

Yesterday, I went out with three beautiful high school friends. We went to TSM and ate a lot, starting from pancake to shihlin crispy chicken!
Constantia and Quiny
 Me and Carina, the girl behind ilovemurls
 I wore my mom's leopard blouse. And can you see that I changed my bangs? I made it side parted since last Thursday. hehe.
Shhh, I'm planning to make a giveaway soon! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


white tank - Cecil McBee ; basic tee - Mango; flowery skirt - unbranded; socks - Japan; loafer pumps - Japan; headband - L.Chance; necklace - H&M

Days just pass like a wind. Time goes away silently and slowly, yet reminds me of things that have to be done. Life worths, we shall not waste it. Remember the presence of God, and keep holding on. Ups and downs, highs and lows. The life cycle never stops. But that's what makes it beautiful. So I hold on tight, be powerful, bounce even higher, and yes, everyone including you, can catch your dreams.

It's weird if I say this, but I love the pictures above! Thanks again Tiffany Tommy, you're such a genius! ;)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Everything new.

Finally, another post! After being rushing these days, today I finally got my internet connection and so I'm blogging right now. I see it everything (well not everything actually, I'm just a little bit exaggerating) new, the environment, buildings, life, so on. It's quite exciting though, living away from parents and those you love. I enjoy it, but I hope next year I can move soon. lol.

oversized tee&tank top from nice claup ; unbranded denim shorts ; loafer pumps from Japan ; glasses from lattice ; rings from lattice and TLTSN ; unbranded satchel bag

Btw, I'm so happy since my mom bought me many clothes I wanted! Can't wait to wear them one by one.The tee above is also bought in Japan. And these are my new collections:
And I'm totally in love with the turquoise earrings! :)

Wait for my next post soon
p.s.: Thanks for Tiffany Tommy who took my outfit pictures! :D